Sumatra Tanah Karo

  • I remember the first Sumatra we had many years ago. It was an archetype for very high-grade Sumatras, and set the bar for every one since. These coffees are unique from any other coffee produced throughout the world. There’s just nothing else like it. Characteristic Sumatran coffees are triple-picked, so that only the ripe cherries are selected. Then it is wet-hulled, which means the farmer takes off the skin of the coffee cherry, ferments it, and washes it, but only lets it dry to a point where it’s not dripping wet any more. Then it is sold and dried a bit more, but not completely. The parchment skin of the coffee beans is stripped and it is finally dried fully for export. This process, plus the unique varieties used in Sumatra create bold aromatics and stout herbal, earthy flavors in the cup.
  •    ANISE





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