School Grounds Coffee

  • This is a micro-lot of coffee that I acquired from my friend Cristina Garces in Colombia. It's an excellent coffee, and we are selling it to support two schools. One is Lee Elementary School, which is about 3 blocks from the DoubleShot. Many of the parents, friends, and teachers from Lee come to the DoubleShot and support what we do. So we wanted to help support some special projects for the children at Lee. The other school is in San Isidro, Colombia. The children of the coffee farmers attend this school, and they have a lot of needs. We arranged to give back a portion of the proceeds from this coffee to the school for supplies, repairs to the building, and whatever else they need but can't afford. It's not much, but with your help in buying the coffee, we are able to assist the learning institutions in these two communities: the coffee growers and the coffee drinkers. 
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