Rwanda Musasa Dukunde Kawa

  • Rwanda has faced ravaging civil wars that decimated its coffee farms and processing facilities and many men whose jobs were in the coffee industry have been killed.  With the help of USAID, the country has regrouped, rebuilt, and redefined their coffee communities.  Women have stepped in to fill the jobs that traditionally were held by men.  And the coffee has recovered in a big way, providing us with some delicious lots over the years.  I have never been to Rwanda, but it's definitely on my wish list.  This particular coffee is from the Dukunde Kawa Coop and was processed at a mill called Musasa.  Supposedly the individual farmer plots are so small that they don't measure the size by length and width of the land, but by the number of tress.  That's pretty small.  We bought this coffee from Royal in Oakland, and I think it's a great value.  All the coffees I've had from Rwanda were 100% Bourbon variety and this is no different.  This variety, in my opinion, gives coffees a rich savory taste.  It's a great coffee that stands up to a big hearty breakfast.





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