Retro icon sweatshirt

This is definitely a throw-back to my high school days. This may very well be the exact style of sweatshirt that we wore with the Galesburg Silver Streaks logo emblazoned across the chest. But with time and technology, I feel like fabrics have gotten softer. It's comfortable and warm. I don't know if you know this or not, but every shirt we sell now is one that I personally selected. I buy shirts and wear them for a while to see which I like best, and then I proceed to order some with the DoubleShot logo to sell to you. So I promise this is a comfortable shirt. It fits relatively true to t-shirt size, so if you want it baggy (like we wore them in high school), you should probably size up. With the DoubleShot icon on the chest, you'll look as if you're a coffee superhero on your day off. Casual DoubleShot winter wear.

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