Panama Hartmann Natural, lot 5

  • I really enjoy going to Panama. The City is big and metropolitan, full of skyscrapers and beautiful, modern hotels. And Finca Hartmann is just a short flight and then a 2 hour drive after that. A bit of a logistical feat, but very well worth it. My friend Aliss Hartmann puts me up in their little cottage in the forest on the adjacent Hartmann farm, Ojo de Agua. Remote and peaceful, I am able to walk through the forest and the coffee trees, and see how the Hartmanns have made a living in coffee while maintaining the natural ecology that is important to them. I cupped coffee on the farm earlier this year, and selected this natural for the DoubleShot. It is composed of two varieties, Caturra and Catuai, both dwarf varieties originally selected in Brazil. The careful cultivation and processing at Finca Hartmann is evident in clean, fruity aromas that really tickle my senses. This coffee has just arrived from Panama and I'm happy to share it with you.





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