Panama Hartmann Natural dos

  • Top-heavy toucan flapped briskly from treetop to treetop while iridescent blue morpho flitted about like a weightless leaf on a swirling breeze. At Finca Hartmann, all manner of flying and crawling and jumping and slithering critters can be found. And that’s because this 80-year old farm has been cultivated in concert with mature rainforest. The tall canopy trees give shade for the coffee below and homes for tropical birds such as the oropendola, with their bright golden plumage and pendulum-like nests. This biodiversity and forested environment creates the perfect climate for some of the best coffee in the world. This coffee, another natural, is one we’re calling “dos.” That’s our favorite number here at the DoubleShot, so lot two is one of our favorite coffees. Very complex, and quite different from the previous Hartmann coffee, this blend of Caturra and Catuai varieties delivers tropical aromas like banana and pineapple, dry spice flavors like cinnamon and dark chocolate, and bright citrusy fruits like lemon and strawberry and apricot. Very nice.






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