MADURO twenty

  • It's amazing, year after year this coffee stands all alone in its flamboyant aromatics and large bean size. And the current lot is as good as any we've seen. This is a dry processed coffee from Hacienda El Boton, near Bolivar Colombia. We started this experiment with our friend Ariel Montoya in 2009, and it was the first natural to be exported from Colombia. Mark Pendergrast (author of Uncommon Grounds) wrote a story about this coffee in Wine Spectator in 2010. And we have continued to improve the quality and consistency each harvest. The name "Maduro" came to be a few years ago when Ariel instructed his farm manager to stop picking "pinton" (half ripe) coffee cherries and only pick "maduro" (mature), fully ripe coffee. And the result has been stellar. Drink this coffee as a special after dinner treat or as a daily drinker, like I do. You deserve it. (Because of the large size of the beans, this is sold in 12 ounce bags.)
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