MADURO seven

  • Each lot is different. But why is it called Maduro? This is the coffee that flung the DoubleShot into the annals of history, putting us in the Wine Spectator and in the bible of coffee, Uncommon Grounds. This year I discovered that our coffee was still separated into nano-lots from each day’s harvest. I was able to procure samples of each one, and found that they were very different from one another. So I decided to keep them separate so we can see some clarity in the unblended coffee. This is lot number seven. The coffee is a Maragogipe variety, which means the beans are very large. They come from the top of Hacienda El Boton, in a sector called El Concilio. The coffee is picked very ripe, when the cherries are the color of red wine, which is where the name comes from, "Maduro" meaning ripe or mature. The dry processing of this variety creates a coffee unlike anything ever produced in Colombia, or anywhere else in the world. You must try it. (Because of the large size of the beans, this is sold in 12 ounce bags.)





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