Kenya Kangunu AA

  • Occasionally people ask me how we get the different flavors into the coffee. It's a question that stems back from the 80s and 90s when it was popular to buy "flavored" coffee beans (or more likely ground coffee). With the quality and clarity and variety of aromas that emanate from coffees nowadays, it is interesting that these tasting notes are inherent in the coffee. I don't do anything to make it flavored - it just is. The best I can try to do is enhance the sweetness of the coffee without killing the delicate aromas. All that so say, the reason I love this coffee is that it doesn't taste like I expect a Kenya to taste. I fell for this coffee on the cupping table when it introduced itself with a berry note and then carried on and on with the distinct aroma of coconut. Fan-dam-tastic. (photo of Charles Chege Muruga, the mill manager - thanks to Mercanta)
  •    COCONUT





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