Honduras Miraflores Honey

  • After visiting the Mayan ruins at Copan, I made my way to the town of Peña Blanca, which rises above the northern shores of Lake Yojoa. Juan Contreras lives here with his elderly father. Juan is the owner of Finca Miraflores, which is in a picturesque setting high on the mountain, only accessible by 4WD road. This coffee is a Pacas variety, which is a dwarf mutation of the Bourbon variety. I find a lot of big, savory notes in these coffees, and this one shows up with figs and dates. Juan’s farm is pristine and healthy, and it shows in the cup. He dried this lot with a honey process, which lends a mouthful of sweetness to the bean. Juan is rightfully proud of his coffee, and its aromatics take me back to the tropical hills where it is grown.
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