• Throughout the years we have sourced coffees that are distinct in taste and in their place of origin. I've done my best to describe the details of where our coffees come from and how they were processed. But this coffee is different. It hearkens back to a time early in the life of the DoubleShot. It evokes, through its scent and flavors, the "good old days" when we were learning and discovering the amazing flavors that could come from coffee. Learning that coffee could be so smooth and complex, and that we could stir up fragrances and aromas that no one knew would emanate from a simple cup of joe. It's that day where our naiveté met the newness of a morning with a sky that seemed a different hue of blue. We watched in our minds eye the animals feeding across the meadows on a journey whose timeliness never mattered. It's the peacefulness in this cup that will transport you to your favorite time and place...
  •    JASMINE





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