GSI Infinity Dukjug

GSI makes a plethora of outdoor equipment for camping, backpacking and survival.  Innovative and stylish, their gear has accompanied me on many trips around the world and in the woods.  This stainless steel bottle has the same mouth and thread as the ever-popular Nalgene® bottles, but has a couple of extra useful features.  This jug comes with a drinking insert that fits in the mouth of the bottle and makes it easier to drink out of because of the smaller hole.  It also has a rubber grip around its midsection that makes it easy to hold onto, but also covers a recess made for wrapping duct tape.  Because you never know when you're going to need duct tape.  Since stainless is easier to clean than plastic, and retains less odors, I prefer to use these bottles for making coffee* with the DoubleShot travel kit.  It comes in 1L and .75L sizes, and both are adorned with the DoubleShot logo, which will make your friends swoon with envy. 

* This bottle is not insulated, so it gets very hot when filled with off-boiling water. Be sure and use a bandana** when holding it.  

** Bandanas are like duct tape.  Very useful for many things, and you should have one with you at all times.

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