Fresh Water Bottle

You gotta stay hydrated.  The new DoubleShot water bottle is the only way to do that without leaving a bad taste in your mouth.  Seriously, I've spent a lot of time searching high and low for the very best products I can find, and this is another one that I'm positive you're not going to beat.  It's the new 26 ounce Purist bottle from Specialized.  They coat the inside of the bottles with a layer of silicon dioxide which is still ultra flexible, but has the properties of glass, keeping your bottle from absorbing odors, stains, or mold.  As a long-time water bottle user, through ultra-endurance running and riding, I can tell you this is unheard-of.  Amazing bottle.  The lid has a leak-proof (when closed), high-flow spout with a removable valve for cleaning.  Fresh Coffee, Fresh Legs, Fresh Water.

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