Ethiopia Hambela Natural

  • In 1934 the Ethiopian government bought a few airplanes for postal, military, and other pilot training and began teaching students how to fly around the skies of Addis Ababa from a runway on a polo field. One of the seven Ethiopian students to be chosen for pilot training was a young woman named Muluemebet Emiru. Her achievements becoming the first African female pilot were cut short when, in 1936 the Italians under the leadership of Mussolini, invaded Ethiopia. Muluemebet was on Italy’s list of most wanted and she knew she would be hanged if she were apprehended. Thus she went into hiding and started a family, disseminating the story that she had gone into exile with Emperor Haile Selassie. After the war, the small collection of airplanes became Ethiopian Airlines and the Emperor awarded Muluemebet Emiru some rich coffee-growing land which became the Hambela Coffee Estate. This coffee, from that land still owned by the family of Ethiopia’s first female pilot, is really amazing. It’s a natural with clean, rich flavors that vary from soft cocoa and fragrant rose to berry and stone fruit. This is one of those coffees that wakes me up to how extraordinarily good coffee can be.
  •    PEACH





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