Ethiopia Banko Gutiti

  • Ethiopia seems half a world away, but it is the original supplier of all coffee throughout the entire world. The first wild coffee trees grew in the East African region, and for centuries they mutated and cross-bred naturally to create a garden of harmonious flavors. As I write this, I am sitting on the porch of a farmhouse in Costa Rica, surrounded by a forest of short coffee and taller shade trees, knowing that this Caturra variety originated as a typical Ethiopian coffee. It was planted on the island of Bourbon, where it mutated into a unique plant and then made its way to the Americas, where it again became unique from its lineage. Ethiopia, the father of coffee, our Eden, brings us this very special coffee processed in the natural method of drying the coffee fruits whole. It's fermentation and germination create a clean fruity aroma that I seek in coffees throughout the world and enjoy every day. Banko Gutiti is the name of the processing mill for this coffee, consisting of 650 small farmers in the Kochere area of the acclaimed Yirgacheffe region. 





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