• Last year when I was in Colombia, I visited my friend Ariel Montoya at Hacienda El Boton, as usual. Ariel and I have a history of experiments with coffee over the past seven or eight years. El Boton is the farm where Maduro is born. And this coffee is it's counterpart. For years I've been trying to taste and appreciate a washed Maragogipe. Because the natural is so good. But it's always flat with a woody flavor and a big hole in the profile. So finally I got Ariel and his farm manager, Luis, to agree to do a special preparation just for me. I told them I wanted it picked very ripe, the color of bull's blood (sangre de toro) just like they pick Maduro. I wanted it collected only from the highest part of the farm, in a lot called El Concilio. I wanted the coffee pulped and then fermented in a tank overnight; then washed and dried in the sun on patios. When I returned, I found that they had actually produced this coffee, much to my surprise. As we drove around the farm I noticed Luis referring to this coffee as "Dulce." And that's where the name came from. This is a very small lot, and probably the first washed Maragogipe I've actually enjoyed. I hope you enjoy it too. Like Maduro, this coffee is sold in 12 ounce bags instead of one pound. The coffee beans are so large that it is very difficult to fit one pound of coffee in a bag.





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