DoubleShot Originals gift set

If you're looking for the gift that shows your friends and family you really care (about quality, first and foremost), this is the one. We've put together a few of our favorite things out of the raft of house-made items created by the DoubleShot. 

Our original English Muffins, dreamt up several years ago by one of our pastry chefs who was a bread specialist, these are more dense and yeasty than the preservative-laced muffins of your grocer. 4-pack here.

Spread on some jam. One of our chefs, Chellsi loves making jam, and her latest creation will suit the season and sweeten your muffin. This is an 8oz jar of seasonal jam.

We buy bucket-loads of pecans from Miller Pecan Company in nearby Afton, Oklahoma. We toast them, add a dash of salt from the solar salt flats in Freedom Oklahoma, and then cream the whole mess into a delicious batch that will have you wondering why you ever even liked peanut butter. A 16oz jar of goodness.

Top that off with the coffee that put Colombia back on the map, our Maduro 21. Yeah, Colombia has been top 2-3 in coffee production worldwide for years, but that Juan Valdez crap wasn't cutting the mustard. We went down and put an Ethiopian spin on a Brazilian variety that blew Colombia's collective mind. This is the 12th generation of that first natural coffee exported from their country to ours. Pairs well with pecan butter, bread and jam. This is a one pound (that's 16 ounces!) bag of whole bean coffee (no, we won't grind it for you).

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