Dark Chocolate Maduro Bunny

Easter morning. Dew on the grass, a humid chill in the air, and a spirit of reverent celebration flowing through the house. I remember getting up and my mom bringing me a basket with a nest of fake, plastic, green grass and hard-shell plastic colored eggs rattling with jelly beans inside. Foil covered, chocolate Cadbury eggs with a creamy, sugary center; and peanut butter cups in the shape of an egg. But the prize was always the chocolate bunny. Usually hollow, and the quality of chocolate suitable for an unrefined kid from the cornfields of Illinois. This throwback to simpler times is part of Easter tradition, a heritage begun in Germany in the early 1800s to commemorate the changing of the seasons and the onset of Spring. Celebrate with a more sophisticated take on that custom with our solid dark chocolate bunny produced by local Tulsa chocolatier, Glacier Confection. This silky chocolate is infused with our unique and renowned Maduro coffee from Hacienda El Boton in Bolivar, Colombia. Truly a delicious treat.

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