Costa Rica Sircof Catuai Honey

  • This is our final coffee from Finca Sircof. We've enjoyed each one, and they seem to go too fast. This coffee was produced by Marco Oviedo and his wife, Maricela at their farm, Finca Sircof, located in the mountains of the Alajuela region of Costa Rica. The coffees we've purchased from Marco are all honey processed coffees, which give them a bit more sweetness and a touch of fruit. This final coffee is a Catuai variety. That variety is a cross of one of my favorite varieties, Caturra, and the Mundo Novo variety, which is so prevalent in Brazil. I think the variety shines through in this coffee, with some earthiness and baking spice in the nose. It's a good coffee for those who want a daily drinker with a splash of something that sets it apart. Gracias, Marco.
  •    COCOA





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