Costa Rica Pastora Natural

  • I have visited La Minita many times. It was the first farm I ever traveled to see - probably in 2005 or 06. During that trip, I rode my mountain bike many miles and I visited the Tarrazu towns of San Marcos and Santa Maria de Dota. A few years ago, I went back to these towns by car and visited a man named Minor and his family on their farm, called La Pastora. Minor built a small but pristine mill in order to process his coffee using very particular methods. He is on the cutting edge of coffee experiments in the region. We have served his Yellow Honey a couple of times at the DoubleShot, and I’ve been trying to get ahold of his natural for a few years now. And here it is. It’s a very solid coffee. Different from Ethiopian naturals, this coffee gives off orange and plum aromatics, instead of the berry found so often in the Africans. Such a rich, dark cocoa with hints of black tea blast you in the face and as the cup matures, that orange peel tickles the nose with delicious coriander bringing a twist of earthy florals to the forefront. This is an infinitely drinkable cup that drives me through a myriad of emotion. It’s because of Minor’s attention to detail that this is a great coffee. And being in the heart of the world-famous Tarrazu region doesn’t hurt.
  •    ORANGE





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