CONNECT3 Adaptor Ring V2.0

When traveling, the space and weight of your gear is crucial. DoubleShot Coffee Company has created a way to reduce that mass by putting all your coffee brewing gear together. Throw away the glass jar that came with your Hario Skerton hand grinder and screw on the CONNECT3 adaptor ring. This adaptor ring allows the Hario Skerton to screw onto your GSI stainless (or Nalgene) water bottle. Grind your fresh-roasted DoubleShot Coffee into the bottle and then screw on the GSI H2JO. Fill with hot water and wait 4 minutes. Then pour a cup and enjoy. With the CONNECT3 adaptor ring, your coffee gear will take up 30% less space in your bag!  Each ring is hand-fabricated in the basement of the DoubleShot.

THIS IS THE NEW AND IMPROVED RING! Using all new plastic that is virtually indestructible, lighter than the old ring, and brown, the new connector ring V2.0 is awesome. I love it!

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