Brazil Sitio Boa Esperança

  • A couple of months ago we participated in a coffee crawl here in Tulsa, where people basically went on a tour of different coffeehouses in town. We talked about Maduro and how that coffee came to be. One of the organizers of the tour stayed behind afterward and we chatted for a bit about the DoubleShot, and he seemed really excited about visiting because, as you know, we are sort of a trailblazer in coffee around this part of the country. Dean told me he works for Ally Coffee, an importer and broker that was started by a group of coffee farmers in Brazil. He asked if he could send me some samples, and I said I will taste anything and report back, but I'm not a huge fan of Brazils. I'M SORRY, OK? Just being honest here. But he sent me samples and I roasted and cupped them. Oddly, one coffee jumped off the table for me. And this is the one. I wouldn't have thought it was a Brazil. It's a natural, from a place called Matas de Minas, which is a mountainous area in the Minas Gerais state in the southeast of the country. The farm is owned by Marcio Nogueira, who is a third generation coffee farmer. The coffee is Red Catuai, which is a dwarf variety that is a cross of Mundo Novo and yellow Caturra. This variety can be very sweet if fertilized and processed correctly. And it's obvious that this coffee was very carefully cultivated and processed. The bright berry aromas of this are balanced by a more earthy dried fruit taste that makes it a full and enjoyable experience that is not plagued by the nutty aromas that almost always overwhelm Brazilian coffees.
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