Brazen Plus coffeemaker by Behmor

Automatic coffee brewers can be frustrating.  There's no better way to make coffee than doing it by hand.  But if you want a robot to make the coffee for you, this is the latest gizmo.  The brewer was designed with its water reservoir directly over the filter basket, so there's no temperature variation as the water travels through tubes to get to the coffee grounds.  It has a programmable brewing cycle that lets you designate the brewing temperature and the pre-wet time.  When you do the initial set-up, the brewer boils the water in the reservoir and calibrates itself based on your elevation to be sure its temperature readings are correct.  And it won't start brewing until the water in the reservoir is at the set temperature.  The brewer also has a manual release button that allows you to manually dispense water through the grounds or over a short pourover unit.  Of course it has a double-walled stainless steel carafe, so the coffee doesn't sit and bake on a hot plate.  And as a bonus, it comes with a reusable gold filter so you don't have to use paper filters if you don't want.  When you buy it, we will include our brewing parameters based on the testing we've done on this machine in the DoubleShot laboratory and at my mom's house.

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