Black crank

For you light roast drinkers it can be like trying to grind rocks, so Comandante manufactured a long handle to make grinding easier. It's stainless steel coated in black powder coat (or whatever - they call it a "Black Carbon Nano Coating"). This works with all the Mk3's and Mk4's and if you have an Mk2 lying around, it would probably even work with that. (Has anyone ever seen an Mk2?) This baby weighs 110g, so don't take it backpacking if you're cutting the handle off your toothbrush. It's advertised to be 200mm long, but that's edge to edge (comes with a black Big Joe knob). More precisely, it measures 142mm center to center (that's 5 5/8 inch if you're not part of the global metric society). The original crank that came with your grinder is 4 3/8 inches center to center, so you're gaining 1 1/4 inch on the turning radius. Thinking back to high school geometry (c=2πr), your grinding circumference goes from 27.5 inches to 35.3 inches. Considering I'm a 32x34, those are some big pants to fill.  

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