American Buffalo Tank

I have been spending more time in the Wichita Mountains of southern Oklahoma lately. It's a wildlife refuge with elk and longhorn and buffalo, among other things. It's so cool to see the buffalo roaming the southern plains where many famous Indians used to make their home (including Quanah Parker). Where The People loped from Elk Mountain to Mount Scott on horseback, and hunted the massive buffalo for meat and blankets. This is the third shirt in the new DoubleShot buffalo icon series. They are all pretty cool shirts. I like this one because of the quality and uniqueness of the fabric and the vintage white screen print that is just a tad translucent. The shirt is an American Apparel ti-blend tank in a color they call tri-lemon. It's basically greenish with blue and yellow threads that I think look really good. (The picture is one I took with my phone in the Wichitas in June.)

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