India Devon Plantations

  • India has an exotic, mystical quality that I used to associate with cumin and Ganesha and pyres on the Ganges. And then I went there and found an elusive and agile bison (actually a guar), rhesus monkeys eating fruit by the roadside, a story of a leopard attack at our lodging, elephants in the coffee forests, and a video of a tiger chasing the very car I was riding in. And interwoven with all that foreign excitement are the most kind and gentle people I’ve ever met. Devon Plantations (Badnekhan is the actual name of the farm) is owned by a beautiful lady named Roshin Varghese. This year we bought the Selection 9 variety from her, which is a cross of Tibor and an Ethiopian called Tafarikela. It’s a concentrated cup that lingers on the palate.
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