Rookery coffee coasters

If you're a big fan of The Rookery, the iconic home for the DoubleShot, you'll love this relic. The 170-year old barn, which was relocated from Berne Indiana and rebuilt just south of downtown Tulsa, stands as a tribute to the hard work and craftsmanship that stands the test of time. These are the same qualities that built the DoubleShot into a working-class juggernaut. As the barn was rebuilt at 17th and Boulder, a few beams were relocated or unneeded in the new design features. This is a slice of the last remaining angle brace that was unused in reconstruction. Our friend Paul McEntire sliced the 3.5-inch square beam into 1/4-inch thick coasters and sanded them down to a silky smooth finish. He put his brand on one side and I put mine on the other, with the words "THE ROOKERY" to identify their origin. This is 170-year old lumber from white oak that might've grown for over 100 years prior to being harvested, so this is some old wood. The end grain on this is tight and beautiful. A solid place to set a cup of DoubleShot coffee. 

You'll want to keep these conditioned with DoubleShot spoon butter so they'll last another couple hundred years. These are extremely limited edition coasters. They are sold as individual units (not in a set of 4) and each one is slightly unique.

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