Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Gedeb

  • As I've mentioned many times, Ethiopian coffees really changed my outlook on what coffee can be. Particularly those from the Yirgacheffe region. So what is it about these coffees? Well, this one is from the "county" of Gedeb in the "state" of Yirgacheffe. It's not really called a county, but that's what we'd call it in Oklahoma. If you can have a county fair and fry up some candy bars, it's a county. The area surrounding the town of Gedeb has long produced some of the best coffee in Yirgacheffe. In other words, at the Yirgacheffe State Fair, Gedeb would get a blue ribbon for the prettiest coffee beans. This is a washed coffee, so it doesn't have all the fruity, berry-like flavors often found in its natural counterpart; rather softer, whispering aromas. And since Ethiopia is the birthplace of all coffee, there are unknown numbers of varieties that are perfectly suited for growing and thriving and producing excellent coffee in its native soil. And that's why I like this coffee. Delicious.
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