El Conejo Malo - La Minita Gesha

  • La Minita has been a flagship coffee for DoubleShot since day one. It was the first coffee farm I ever visited, back in 2005. And it still ranks as one of the finest coffees on our shelves. But it wasn’t until 2017—when the spearhead of the company, Bill McAlpin, sold La Minita—that things began to change. The fundamental diligence and commitment to excellence was married with a new creativity, and La Minita began planting interesting varieties and experimenting with new processing methods. The result, found in this very special bag, is a coffee bursting with clean, natural flavors. I’m excited for this new era of La Minita: a divergence from tradition, as “Bad Bunny” as any La Minita coffee could be.
  •    LEMON





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