Colombia Maracay

  • Maracay is a farm up in the picturesque mountains of Quindio Colombia, just outside the town of Armenia. Its hills and valleys are covered in a multitude of coffee varieties, each one with a unique story and taste. This Caturra variety is a dwarf mutation of Bourbon which was discovered in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil in the 19-teens. In the early 2000’s, all of Colombia was covered in Caturras, but the roya epidemic ushered in a change to more fungus-resistant varieties. Finding a plot of Caturras at Maracay is exciting, and takes me back to my early travels to the country. This farm is owned by a woman named Luz Helena Salazar, whose name you will hear a lot around here in the future. This serves as a baseline to even more amazing coffees from Maracay. Hand-sorted, fermented for 30 hours under water, then pulped and washed, the coffee presents a clean taste of what the terroir lends to the variety.





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