Silvestre Dark Chocolate Bar

Chocolate grows in gangly pods reminiscent of flayed footballs. Wherever it grows, it paints an intriguing image of flora. On Madagascar, the island off the flank of Malawi and Mozambique, it’s just one more wild thing teeming in the jungle. Nine-tenths of Madagascar’s flora and fauna are endemic. Ecologists have called it “the eighth continent,” so uniquely diverse is it. Such places are known as biodiversity “hotspots,” which must make Madagascar a relative inferno. To start life so exotically, this 64 percent Grand Cru of the criollo variety reaches a creamy, velvety crescendo, on the one hand succulently sweet while, on the other, expressive of all that cravers of dark chocolate adore. Another DoubleShot-Glacier affinage.

The Silvestre Bar is a 64% dark chocolate from Madagascar infused with the Gesha natural coffee from Finca Momoto in Chiriquí, Panama. The coffee in these special bars takes center stage with a more rustic inclusion in the fruit-forward chocolate. It's a 90 gram bar as usual, enough to share with someone worthy. These are a limited run of 200 bars (199 really, because I "sampled" one). Pair it with the coffee: Momoto Silvestre Gesha

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