Papua New Guinea Kindeng Peaberry

  • Peter Matthiessen spent two seasons with the Harvard-Peabody Expedition in 1961 studying the Kurelu tribe, a stone age people that survived into the 20th century. In mountainous terrain on the second-largest island in the world, PNG is home to seven million people with eight hundred different languages. Matthiessen writes about the ornate, feathered attire; the frequent, and often deadly, warring; and the prehistoric rites associated with birth and death. This coffee is a peaberry, born as a single seed when most coffees have a twin. The Kindeng Estate was planted by missionaries over a century ago and is home to around ninety species of birds. Drinking it, I imagine being on that expedition with Matthiessen and waking up each morning to a cup and the sound of exotic birdsong.
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