Costa Rica Rio Negro

  • Hacienda Rio Negro is a farm way down in the south part of Costa Rica, only 7 miles from Panama.  The farm is Rainforest Alliance certified, meaning they've managed the farm in such a way that they left much of the original rainforest intact.  Rio Negro is owned by La Minita, so the quality of the processing is very high.  I witnessed this when I visited Rio Negro a couple years ago.  The mill is pristine and the whole operation is very well organized.  The managers at Rio Negro have social programs to help the area kids with school supplies and uniforms, and they have a daycare area where the kids can go when their parents are in the fields harvesting coffee.  This is a beautiful area because of the forests and the surrounding mountains, and the coffee from Rio Negro was as good as anything on the cupping table last time I visited La Minita.  Rio Negro is a wet processed coffee which is grown at a lower elevation than La Minita (making it more dark chocolate than milk chocolate). (The picture is one I took in the rainforest at Rio Negro of a waterfall flowing into a creek that feeds the "Black River.")









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