Sumatra Kerinci Kersik Tuo natural

  • This isn't our usual Sumatra. It's the first dry processed coffee I've ever purchased from Indonesia. Having never been there, I relied on my friend Peter at Royal Coffee to send me samples he knows I'll like. He hit this one on the head, but it's certainly a departure from the norm. Even the variety is a new one for us. It's called Andung Sari, and it's a derivative of a Catimor brought to Sumatra from Colombia. The coffee is grown from small producers around Mount Kerinci, the highest volcano in Indonesia. It is dried on raised beds at a mill near Kerinci Seblat National Park, which is a protected habitat for the critically endangered Sumatran Tiger. The cup is an interesting cross between a traditional Sumatran coffee and a fruity natural, with overtones of bright fruits and undercurrents of toast, dill and cedar. Drop your expectations before tasting this and I think you'll find it surprising and complex.





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