Plastic jars for Comandante grinder

The problem with screw-on jars is that your wrist only twists around so far and then you have to let go in order to re-grip and turn it the rest of the way. And that let-go point is the place where you drop it on the floor and it shatters into a million shards of glass. You need an unbreakable backup.

I was in Panama earlier this year, flying from David back to Panama City, and I noticed that you're not allowed to carry on any glass jars. I was going to have to check my bag or risk having my Comandante jar confiscated. But I didn't want to check my bag, nor did I have time. So I risked it.

But here's a little travel buddy that circumvents all these issues. It's BPA free plastic. The same size as the jars that came with your comandante. Offered in clear, and amber. Drop it all you want.

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