You may or may not know it, but I am the owner of both DoubleShot Coffee Company and ComandanteUSA, the US distributor for all Comandante products. When we were in Boston at the Specialty Coffee Association conference this year, I talked Bernd into selling me a couple of one-off models he had on display in the booth. So I walked away with my personal Comandante, which is not for sale. I gave one to my mom. And I sold a couple of the others. Always on the lookout for unique pieces, I recently stumbled onto another highly-sought-after grinder, the Ironheart, which was discontinued a couple years ago. This has a bare stainless steel body with the Ironheart image etched into one side and the comandante icon etched into the other. I have only one of these, and to my knowledge there aren't any more of them available on the market today. Same great grinder, limited edition finish.

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