Baratza Virtuoso coffee grinder

We have been carrying various models of Baratza grinders over the past several years, as they've refined their grinders, made them easier to use, and implemented the use of more durable, higher-grade parts.  Currently, their base model grinder is the Encore, and the step up from that is called Virtuoso.  Back when I was just getting into coffee, this was the end-all of coffee grinders, and it still is a workhorse/showhorse that I'm glad to have in our lineup.  It's a heavy grinder with a cast zinc and black plastic body.  The motor and burrs in the Virtuoso are an upgrade from the Encore, allowing it to grind a broader range of sizes, as well as grinding twice as fast as the Encore. This is the grinder I used for years at home until I went full-on Comandante.

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