Vintage Milk Glass Coffee Cups

When I was a kid, my family moved from a little farm town in Illinois to a house in the country outside Duncan, Oklahoma. Duncan... home of Halliburton and lots of other oilfield-related businesses. We moved because the economy was struggling, but Duncan in the 80s was a good time. This is when I learned to run around in the woods barefoot and build treehouse forts, fish the cattle ponds with grasshoppers and skinny-dip to cool off from midsummer's sun. My grandparents were the hosts for a rural Bible Missionary church camp and lived across a dirt road from my cousins. We would chase their albino boxer, Sugar, around the camp and then go visit my grandma. Mawmaw, they called her. She had these same Pyrex milk glass coffee cups, and I can remember my mom and her sister sitting and laughing, drinking coffee while they visited with Mawmaw. Us kids would bust in and she'd make us all a hot chocolate with those tiny marshmallows floating on top. Those were the best.

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