The Yirgacheffe Cup

Hannah Gardner drinks tea, not coffee. This 23-year-old, however, spends a lot of time trying to craft the perfect coffee cup. “I started off making them with giant handles,” she says. “They were really impractical, just awful to hold.” She focused on coffee cups because her dad, David, loves coffee and, in fact, lives coffee. He has been bringing Hannah to the DoubleShot since she was about 10 years old. He even works here now. After Hannah graduated high school, she went on to study painting. But maybe all that time hanging out at 18th and Boston had an impact. “I realized painting just didn’t do it for me,” she says. “I started exploring 3D things and found ceramics.” She made lots of cups for David, who started bringing them to work to drink coffee from. The one that caught my eye did not have a giant handle. It had no handle at all. Heavy on the bottom, it was the perfect cup to cradle and warm your hands. It was Hannah’s version of a Japanese tea cup. “I got into Japanese tea cups because I love tea,” she says. We offered Hannah’s cups for sale during the holidays last year, the Cobalt Coffee Cup #27. People liked them so much, I commissioned Hannah to make a new cup. This year’s cup has the same heft, the same artistry but a new shape and feel, with a new glaze, still cobalt inside but a beautiful swirl of blues and greens and rust red flowing down the outside. From Hannah’s hands to ours, it’s the perfect tea cup for drinking coffee. And there’s no better, aromatic, tea-like coffee than Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. So we decided to call it “The Yirgacheffe Cup.”

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