Soft and Subtle Shirt

I'm just like you, except I probably have a higher pain tolerance. I like to try and look nice, but sometimes I want to be comfortable. And I don't always like wearing the DoubleShot brand around like a billboard. That's why I created the Soft And Subtle Shirt. Before I designed this shirt I asked for advice and got samples of some shirts that are the very softest on the market. From those, I picked which one I wanted to wear every day, an Alternative Apparel cotton/poly blend (not that I'm going to wear a t-shirt every day - you know, I'm sort of a pearl snap kind of guy). But like I said, I hesitate to wear a DoubleShot t-shirt when I'm not at work. It's not because I'm ashamed of it. Heck, I created the brand. It's basically me. But I don't like to be that obvious. So here it is. You can barely even see it. I had the shirts printed with soft grey ink that is a vintage style, so it blends in and you have to be paying attention to notice the icon on the front and the logo on the back. But the people we really want to socialize with are those who pay attention to the details, right? So your friends will think this is cool and the others won't notice. Just trust me and buy one.

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