Indian with a Gas Mask

This is a classic.

It's an original image that I cut by hand in a three layer stencil back in 2008.  My dad and I spray painted it on a bunch of American Apparel t-shirts back in the day and we sold them for a lot less than we should've.  But I really enjoyed spending that time with my dad.  Since the day of the original stencil, a few stickers have floated around, and people have asked about it a lot.  So now we've decided to bring it back.  It's still the exact same original stencil I cut back in '08, but this time we had them professionally screen printed so the image is a bit more crisp (though without some of that authentic character and overspray).  These are printed on American Apparel short sleeve t-shirts.  They are that classic 3-color stencil on white.  You may wonder what the story is behind the image, and you can look forward to people asking you.  But I think we all know what it means...

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