GSI javamill

Remember the old GSI grinder that was shaped like a flying saucer? That was a grinder that I first found in Moab, and really was the first I'd seen that was portable enough to take on travels and adventures. But unwieldy. I once sat in the back seat of a 4WD truck on the bumpiest road in Colombia, and ground a pound of coffee for a farmer I was on my way to visit, gnarling my knuckles in the process.

This new redesign by GSI is a dramatic change from that first version, and I really like it. The barrel is small and manageable. Hold it with one hand and grind with the other - the action seems smoother and the ceramic burrs are supported in two places for less rocking and better grind consistency. To use, simply pull the handle/lid assembly off and pour in the coffee. The grinder will only hold 25 grams of coffee, so it's definitely a compact, one-cup grinder. The ground coffee falls into a cup at the bottom of the grinder, which is removed by pulling straight off. The handle turns over for easy packing down to 6.25"H x 2.75"W at 265 grams. (And my knuckles look so pretty I could be a hand model.)

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