Hartmann Campamento

  • The Maragogipe variety was discovered in Brazil in 1870, a mutation of Typica that yields elephant beans, the same variety as our beloved Maduro. 1870, our barn was just out of its teenage years, destined to be transformed into The Rookery, an iconic coffeehouse. And the Maragogipe, a giant among coffees, the genesis and the revelation, a seed that can be transformed into an amazing natural. This one with fragrances of raspberry and black cherry. Harvested by the Ngöbe- Bugle people at Palo Verde, soaked in cold water and dried in the Panamanian sun. An earthy note of papaya sprawls lazily on my palate, and a summertime taste of watermelon – evoked by the cold water soak. A hint of green mango lingers, buttressed by aromatics of oak. A coffee born amongst the timbers of The Rookery.  This is a special holiday gift set that includes 8 ounces of a very unique and special coffee, a commemorative trading card, origin narrative, and a little sneak preview of my journey into the wilderness – and what I found there. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this coffee will be donated to Friends of the Wichitas, which is a nonprofit organization established to support our beloved Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. Join at FriendsoftheWichitas.org.





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