Colombia La Compañia

  • Maduro will always be one of the jewels of our coffee offerings. That coffee was the brainchild of Cristina, Ariel and myself. But the person who actually produced the coffee was Luis Florez, the manager of Hacienda El Boton. Well it turns out Luis has a farm of his own called La Compañia. This is the first coffee we’ve bought from his farm and it’s 100% Caturra, which is ever-more rare in Colombia. Grown in the mountains above Ciudad Bolívar, the taste of this coffee will transport you back to the very time of the liberators like Simón Bolívar and revolutionaries Che Guevara and even Medellín Cartel’s Pablo Escobar. With aromatics reminiscent of citric tropical fruit and heavy cigar tobacco, it’s one for the history books.
  •    TOBACCO





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