Bambito Bourbon natural

  • We were in the rustic-but-adequate cupping lab in Panama with Priscilla and Ivan, the owners of Bambito Estate. Each coffee on the table was distinctive and praise-worthy. But I had my eye on this one. Each holiday season, we release the most exceptional and unique coffees we’ve tasted all year. This, the first of these gems, is a celebration of diligence and wisdom. Bourbon, a variety of noble lineage, was born on an island in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa. Cultivated for its sweetness and bold aromatics, the Bourbon makes a perfect old-world base for a delicious cup. Our friends at Bambito Estate carefully hand-selected these beans and dried them on African-style raised beds constructed just for this lot. After 21 days on the drying beds and another 60 resting in sealed bags, the abundant aromatics exploded from the cup and we decided to buy the whole lot. Sweet, bold, and packed with tropical aromas, it’s a cause for celebration. This coffee is sold in a 16-ounce bag with info cards about the coffee, packed inside an exclusive DoubleShot gift box.





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