Zambia Ngoli Natural

  • Zambia is located in southeast Africa in that zone where many great coffees are produced, southwest of Tanzania and to the north of Zimbabwe. I found this coffee through one of our importers, Olam Specialty Coffee. Olam actually owns the farms and mills in Zambia where this coffee was produced. Coffee in Zambia was originally brought by missionaries from Kenya in the 1950s. But this coffee variety, Catimor 129, was introduced to Africa from Colombia in the 1970s because of its resistance to coffee leaf rust and coffee berry disease. It is a dry-processed coffee, hand-picked and sun-dried on raised beds. The beans have a beautiful size, and the color is reminiscent of an old saddle. I find it to be a bright, sweetly-fruited coffee with subtle complexities you’ll linger over as the cup cools.






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