Panama Los Flores Gesha

There's nothing in the world like a clean, authentic washed Gesha. One that's not muddied by other varieties or cultivated at a slight elevation or dried in the equatorial lowland heat. One that was picked by indigenous fingers instilled with years of training and dexterity and mindfulness. There's just nothing like it. But it has to be roasted right and prepared just so, and perhaps the planets must align. When all that happens, you end up with a cup like this, and let's not forget the cup - that all-important receptacle, the vessel which delivers the liquor onto your palate, must be properly formed to your hand and to your spirit, exhausting delicate aromatics into your olfactory and your soul. This Gesha is roasted to order, so give us a day or so to air out the urgencies of life and settle into the rhythmic thrum of the roasting drum. Imbued with over-the-top florals, the perfume of this coffee will not disappoint. You just can't get it any other way. We're selling this in 200 gram bags (that's about 7/16 of a pound, 7 ounces, or enough to brew 8 cups with a modest pourover).

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