Panama Las Mentiras Natural

  • All coffee comes from seed, in fact all coffee beans are seeds. But some coffees come with a seedy story as well. The greatest lore in coffee history is stained with the intrigue of deceipt and treachery. Kolchitzky, the Polish spy, routed the Turks and claimed all their coffee for his Viennese coffeehouse, Blue Bottle. Baba Budan risked his life to smuggle seven magical seeds out of Mecca, and planted India’s first coffee. Lastly and certainly leastly, a Brazilian governor who settled a dispute between French and Dutch Guayana only to sleep with the French governor’s wife whereupon she gave him a bouquet laced with coffee seeds—seeds that started a cultivation that became the largest production in the world. And here, the history continues in this complex Maragogipe. Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies.





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