Panama Hartmann Palo Verde Natural

  • Finca Hartmann is actually two farms, Ojo de Agua and Palo Verde. Because it is at a slightly higher elevation, the majority of the coffee grown at Ojo de Agua is Gesha variety. But Palo Verde is the workhorse of the business. It’s where all the other coffees are grown, which are our daily drinkers. Every single lot of coffee harvested has unique characteristics, and this one is unlike any other we’ve had before. You may not know what guava tastes like. It’s one of those Latin American tropical fruits that doesn’t make it to the U.S. so frequently, but it is distinctive, and this coffee has it. Combine that with blueberries from Maine and cinnamon from India, and you’ve got a complex cup that takes you around the world.
  •    GUAVA





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