Montelin washed Catuai

  • Way up in the mountains of Nueva Segovia, Juan Ramon Diaz tends his family farm, Montelin. These are the same mountains that sheltered the nation’s hero, César Augusto Sandino when he battled the U.S. military during the banana wars in the 1920s. Today, nearly a century after the battle of Ocotal, the Sandinista political party controls the government and statues of their fallen founder stand prominently above town squares and city parks. Juan’s coffee grows from the soil that was nourished by the blood of so many zealots. This coffee is a washed Catuai, nearly the antithesis of the Java natural we’ve enjoyed from this same farm. If you’re looking for a stolid daily drinker or a coffee to slake and foment the troops, this might be the one..




  • Catuai

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